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Hair Tips and Tricks from 7 Best Tressed Style Bloggers

Hair Tips and Tricks from 7 Best Tressed Style Bloggers

The seven girls we're featuring here all helm super successful style blogs, and while their styles differ wildly, they all have one thing in common: amazing hair. We had to know how they maintain their marvelous manes. Click through to discover their hair secrets and favorite products, and get some inspiration.

Denni Elias of Chic Muse Easy, breezy, and incredibly beautiful: This pretty Parisian’s enviably long and loose locks—alongside her signature winged eyeliner—suit her simple and sexy stylish sensibility to a tee.

On Her Tress Tool Kit: Hairpins and elastics help me keep my signature high bun tightly secured. And for the past year I've used Kerastase products and they seem to work really great! Lately I've been using their Nectar Thermique leave-in conditioner.

On Her Primping Process: I love having long black hair; I like brushing my hair at night with a boar bristle and nylon tufts brush before making a loose braid to sleep in. In the morning I’ll brush it again before blow-drying and/or straightening it, depending on which style I plan to wear.

On Her Mane Accessory: Whenever I think of my outfits, hair is one of the most important parts of that. It changes the whole concept of the look, and with my hair being so long I have to be even more careful. Lately I’ve found myself very obsessed with retro and sexy voluminous looks like Brigitte Bardot, however it seems my high bun has become my staple style, and I love it!

Claire Sulmers of The Fashion Bomb The new age blonde bombshell: This Harvard grad does urban glam oh-so-well thanks to her gorgeous cropped honey flaxen dreadlocks that are just as chic as they are street.

On Her Tress Tool Kit: I wash my hair with Nioxin and I maintain my twists with Mango & Lime Loc Hold Gel. I groom the fine hairs around my hairline with Organic Root Stimulator Edge Control and a soft toothbrush—my hairstylist taught me that trick!

On Her Primping Process: I get my hair dyed at Noel New York, a boutique salon in Brooklyn. They also create my intricate updos whenever I want a more refined look. For self-styling, I braid my hair the night before and just use my fingers to comb through. Some days I’ll curl all of the pieces so that they’re bouncy, but everyday I moisturize my scalp and strands with a self-made mixture of rosemary oil, olive oil, and water.

On Her Mane Accessory: Ever since I went blond, my hair has become another accessory to my looks. It brightens up an outfit; it's like an exclamation point at the end of a stylish sentence.

Lulu Chang of Lulu and Your Mom Try as we might, we can’t think of a better hairstyle to suit the San Francisco-based style star. Her edgy choppy bob epitomizes the essence of her off-the-cuff, girlish grunge sense of style.

On Her Tress Tool Kit: I keep it simple; while my hair is wet, I spray Aveeno's Nourish + Condition Leave-in Treatment to enhance my natural waves and texture.

On Her Primping Process: My hair is naturally wavy so I always air dry it; I never blow-dry. Right now my hair is mostly back to its natural color, but when I do decide to dye it, my go-to salon is B2V in Los Angeles. In fact, I’m obsessed with the reverse ombré hair seen at Prada’s Fall 12 show, but before I try that, I’m actually going platinum next week. Eek!

On Her Mane Accessory: I've been short and brunette for almost a year now, but before this, I was short and red, long and red, and two years ago, long and ombré. Hair can reflect trends and my mood just as much as my choice in shoes.

Peony Lim of Peony Lim The doll-faced stylist keeps her expertly tousled tresses in picture-perfect condition with a rather relaxed regimen that leaves her locks looking shiny and luxe with a laissez-faire sort of appeal.

On Her Tress Tool Kit: I rely on Bumble & Bumble Shine Spray, Revlon Pro Tongs, WAM Blow Dryer, several L’Oreal Professional products and large pin clips.

On Her Primping Process: Every morning I brush and assess the situation, so I only have to style it every two or three days. If I wear my hair straight, I make it extra smooth by blow drying on a cold setting with a large flat brush to smooth all the flyways, followed by a spritz of shine spray. If I wear it curly, I use tongs to curl and then pin the sections in place to cool, and I'll brush them out after 10 minutes or so.

On Her Mane Accessory: It is the finishing touch, and you have to make your hair work for your outfit and the overall silhouette of what you are wearing. Your hair can make or break an outfit.

Kristen Knox of The Clothes Whisperer This American in London has all but mastered the shaggy chic mane; her quirky done-undone lob—long bob—is made that much more eccentric with auburn-tinged tips and full face-framing fringe.

On Her Tress Tool Kit: My look is very low maintenance, especially where hair is concerned; I've never been one of those girls to groom. I have a lot of hair, so I like to keep it messy but controlled, because that's my personality—ordered chaos. Dry shampoo and texturizing powders are my go to products, and every now and again, if my bangs are particularly misbehaving, I'll whip out the flat iron.

On Her Primping Process: This is slightly shameful to admit, but if there's a brush handy, only then I'll run it through. If not, I work with a spritz of dry shampoo and hope for the best! Ponytails are a last resort and side plaits come in handy on early mornings after a long night out.

On Her Mane Accessory: My hair is a huge part of my look, and a very essential one. I have a small head and a lot of hair, so I'm prone to hiding behind it. I get very antsy when photographers put it up on a shoot; it makes me feel so naked!

Delmy Rivera of Fashion Bananas As a makeup artist and hairstylist, perhaps this native New Yorker’s best client is herself. Her casual cottony curls paired with fluffy fringe make for one simple yet sophisticated style.

On Her Tress Tool Kit: I'm very lucky—I have thick hair so I don't need any products to hold up my curls. All I need is my 1.25-inch curling iron from Hot Shot and I'm good to go. To keep my hair healthy, bouncy, and shiny, I deep condition with Living Proof restore mask treatment. [Ed. note: This is the best hair mask EVER.]

On Her Primping Process: My hair is naturally dark brown, but I dye it with L’Oreal Feria #63 in Light Golden Brown. And I usually curl my hair once a week, but I’ll touch it up a few times throughout, taking care to leave the ends loose.

On Her Mane Accessory: With fashion constantly evolving, I think it's important to change your hairstyle. (I’m constantly itching for a new look!) There are times when I find an updo makes your outfit look so much better; your hair can either make you love or hate your outfit.

Cyrena Arnold of Let Me See Your Wears Two-tone tresses are still all the rage on this side of the pond, and the other. This London-based stunner’s strands are naturally raven, but her overtly ombré mane ensures she’ll always stand out in the crowd.

On Her Tress Tool Kit: I color my tips with Swarzkopff XXL Live Colour in Platinum and Ice Blonde. To keep my bleached ends healthy I apply a nourishing treatment every so often; I’ve been using Moroccan Oil and IC Hair Polish for years. My scalp tends to get a bit dry, so I massage it with olive oil. As for styling tools, my hair is natural, so a blow dryer and a flat iron is key for me. And I can't live without my tail comb, soft bristle brush, and paddle brush.

On Her Primping Process: I colored my hair in four separate stages, lifting everything from mid-length to the ends from black to brown to auburn to blonde. To keep the ends from splitting and breaking I just make sure to wrap my hair flat around my scalp every night, and secure it with a silk headscarf to protect it from friction with the cotton pillowcase. If I want to wear natural-looking beach waves one day, I’ll roll my hair into a few little buns the night before—that way I won’t have to use heat to create the look.

On Her Mane Accessory: Sometimes it works as an accessory; other times it's a hindrance! I don't really like the blonde tips against some colors, like yellow, but it's perfect against purple. I see it more as an accessory to my outfits, I love to switch it up!

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