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The 9th China International Hair Fair in 2017

9Th China International Hair Fair in Shanghai 2017

Focus on 11 years,the preferred trading platform of hair products industry

The hair products industry of china is a sunrise industry, which has a board potential for development and occupies a production leading position in the global hair products industry. China International Hair Fair has been focusing to serve the domestic hair products industry for 11 years. It is a global well-known and authoritative hair products trading platform that comprehensively exhibits hair related products and technologies including hairdressing, wigs, hair maintenance,hair cultivation,hair ornament and so on. CIHF is a professional exhibition that sets the functions of trending, exchanging, trading as one, which gets the key support from commerce department of chinese government.

Leading trend, the publishing highland of global hairdressing brand ‘s trend

The 2017 Shanghai International Hairstyle Fashion Week is jointly bulit by CIHF and World Hair Design Association. The fashion week gets the attention from more than 100 world's fashion mainstream media ,which sets "lead hairstyle trend, show the brand value" as the theme, to cultivates the national fashion hair brand, to creates a good working environment for the frontline hair stylist. And it is the best platform for original hair art release, extension in China.

2016 wonderful review

September 9th to 11st in 2016, the 8th CIHF was held in Shanghai World Expo as scheduled. For the first time, it joints more than 100 national mainstream fashion media, builds 2017 Shanghai international hair fashion week , comprehensively displays related products and technologies including hairdressing,wigs,hair maintenance,hair cultivation ,hair ornament and so on. It explores the innovative business model that combines hairdressing chain salon with wigs,hair maintenance,hair cultivation products for the domestic market,convergences industry well-known brands, leads global hairdressing trends.Exhibition area adds up to 15000 square meters, of which wigs type occupies 10000 square meters and hair beauty type occupies 5000 square meters.

Exhibitors 200,a total of 514 booths,represents an increase of about 35.3% than last year. They are mainly from China, Japan, India, Vietnam, including 166 hair products companies, as well as 34 hairdressing type enterprises, respectively, compared with last year, an increase of about 32.8% and 35%.

During the 3 days of the exhibition,we totally received nearly 14900 visitors .The visitors are not only distinguished guests,industry experts, but also professional audience of hairdressing salon,hairdressing schools,hairdressing training institution and dealers ,agents from all over the country.Besides,more than 1000 overseas professional audience represents the exhibition,they are from 31 countries and regions,including the United States, India, Britain, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Burma, Philippines, Israel, Singapore, France, Austria, Nigeria, Russia, Cyprus, Holland, Portugal, Dubai, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Switzerland, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hongkong .In addition,many big customers in the industry also came to the scene,including Japan Aderans, America Nu look Virgin Hair , France Hair2m Extension,British Spectrum One hair extensions,Korea Far East Hair&Beauty Co.Ltd and Nigeria Ella's Hair.The total number of professional visitors increases by 30% than the previous year, and they are united in praise for the scale and the activity presention of this year ‘s exhibition .

Six advantages to improve exhibiting effect in 2017

Higher Specifications: Approved by the State Council, hair fair has been under the guidance from the department of commerce four years in a row.
Bigger Size: 25000㎡ scale,1200 booths, show stage with 3000 seats, over 1000 celebrities in hairdressing industry.
More Rare Opportunity: 50,000 the providers(users), manufactures(producers)and 800 professional foreign purchasers gather in Shanghai to cooperate,develop and share win-win opportunity.
Fashion Trend: there will be fabulous shows of wigs and hairdressing. Top brands in this industry and popular teams at home and abroad are invited, including great stage design and media attention, which aims to popularize the original Chinese hair art.
Richer Content:integrate industry high-end resources, hold fashion show,award ceremony,hair extension competition,master teaching,summit forum , GALA Cocktails and other various forms activities.
Media Attention:CCTV female fashion channel,Agence France Presse(AFP),Tencent,Sina,Net Ease,Sohu,Dragon TV,Henan TV,The Oriental morning post,Liberation Daily,Morning News,Evening News,the Shanghai Mercury,Black Hair,Salon,Estetica,hair fashion,Silk art shop,Beauty Club,Head&Fashion,bobo,, medias from global will report this exhibition.

Focus on hot spots & key activities

The 2nd Hair Transplant & Supply Contest: It is the display and recommendation of the most advanced technology in the world. When you come, you will seize the opportunity and trend of the market. 
2017 Global Fashion Trends Conference: Bring In and Going Out means collecting most representative brands of wigs, hairdressing and performance teams to present a “wig fashion week”
The 3rd China International Hair Extension Competition: this is the competition of adepts,the collection of top-class skill, the stage for people who have dreams in this industry to show talent and enjoy themselves. It is a grand ceremony of hair extension, with dazzling array of celebrities and million witness.
The 2nd China Hairdressing Million Salon Storm: how to break out fast to make own miracle story by the east wind of internet? There will be actual operations to teach you how to make million turnover. It is not only worth trying but also an inevitable trend.
The 2nd China Hair Products Industry Electricity Supplier Conference: this kind of Internet thought's strategy will lead this industry to another wide free road, to break patterns, to seek for collision and breakthrough of thinking,to optimize the chain, to construct a more scientific industrial structure.
The 1st Chinese Hybrid Modeling GALA Show:
This is the collision of hairdressing and wigs,the sublimation of heart and skill, aiming to the better style. The show can put forward the prefect combination and development of this industry.
Global hairdressing Museum: It shows the changes of hairdressing history and celebrities in this industry, and it is the tower of ivory,the cultural communication and heritage, also the connection between the foregoing and carrying forward to a new paragraph.

Products Range

Artificial Hair:wigs, artificial hair weft, training head, synthetic hair weft, hair extensions, toupee, hair bulk, hand-tied hair weaving, Chemical fiber, natural textile materials and other raw material related with hair, and production equipment.
Hairdressing Tools: shampoo,conditioner,perming,coloring and other hairdressing products,hair clippers,combs,hair dryer,electric plywood,electric splint and other hairdressing tools and equipment,
perm machine,barber chair and other hairdressing equipment,
joining training institutions,management operations equipment, software and other new products and equipment.  
Hair Care & Hair Growth:scalp care products,scalp testing equipment and hair care products,technology and chain.
Hair transplant: hair supply products and technology
Eyelash: eyelash and semi-permanent technology

Visitors Organization

(一)Domestic Promotion
1.Association Invitation:combine with all domesitic hairdressing associations to organize their member departments to participate in it
2.Visit and Invite:Appoint the professionals to visit large and medium-sized cities all over the country; "face to face" invite hair industry purchasers, hairdressing products, hairdressing tool distributors, local professional hair salon schools, salon owners, hairstylist and so on.
3.Accurate Invitation: Use professional database resources to send industry and related enterprise information to domestic and oversea purchasers and dealers regularly via SMS, E-mail, etc.
4.Media Promotion: Upgrade of official website; Connects with Baidu, Tencent and other major professional websites, and use WeChat, Twitter and other new media to transfer and release the latest information timely.
(二)International Promotion
1. Official Invitation: Contact with the embassy in China and hair products association of Europe, United States of America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other hair hot sale areas through the support of the national ministry of commerce. Arrange related target customers to come to China to visit by its official influence.
2.Media Promotion: Key promotion through national famous medias such as Black Hair, Hair & Beauty etc, and national popular social networks like You-tube, twitter and so on. Cooperate with Google, Using multilingual key words to search.
3.Exhibition Invitation: Promotion of the hair fair and invite the target visitors through attending international professional hair products and hairdressing fair.
4.Database Resources: Make accurate invitation via calls & email by buying the special datebase.
Charge standard

Oversea enterprises Member(US Dollar) Note: Standard booth(3 meters long, 3 meters high, 2.48 meters wide). Equipped with three white brattices, a power socket, lintel board, spotlight, one desk and two chairs; Raw space will be installed by the exhibitors or its contractors and they should be responsible for construction management fee and electricity.
Indoor clearing ground(minimum 36m² for leasing) US $300/m²;
Standard Booth US $2600/9m²

Exhibit Procedures and Instructions
1. Complete the exhibit application form, fax or mail the sealed application to the organizer.
2. Exhibition fee through bank transfer is due within one week after the application (first installment should be no less than 50% of the full amount).
3. Booth allocation principles: first application, first payment, first served.
4. "Exhibitor Manual" will be delivered to the exhibitor subject to the receiving of your application form and required exhibition fee.
5. All paid exhibition fee is Non-refundable if exhibitors unilaterally cancel the participation after the sealed registration.
6. Accommodation and cargo arrangement should refer to the “Exhibitor Manual”.
7. Exhibitors are banned to sublet or transfer booths.
8. No sound installation taken into the pavilion by exhibitors.

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