The Right Way to Wash Your Wig

Wearing a wig allows you to transform your hairstyle without making a permanent change. However, it is also important to understand washing wigs, even when they are made from natural human hair, require specialized care. Using the right shampoo, techniques and frequency of washing will ensure your wig lasts longer and stays looking great so you can wear it for many years.

Do’s and Don’ts For Lasting Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become a popular trend for both celebrities and anyone else looking for a way to enhance their hair. These hair extensions are often made from human hair, which gives them the natural look most people want. Unfortunately, if you don’t use them properly, you could find your valuable hair extensions don’t last as long as they should.

How To Do Lace Front Wigs Professional Application?

Lace front wigs are becoming more and more popular as women realize what a great fashion accessory they are.  Hera lace front wigs are very versatile and virtually undetectable when applied correctly.

Many women choose to have their lace front wigs applied by professionals because they fear they may destroy their hairpieces or damage their own hair if they attempt to apply it themselves.