Short Brown Blend Gray Hair Full Lace Wigs

This short full lace wigs is Hera's one male customer's custom 6 inches #2 darkest brown European virgin hair blend 20% gray synthetic fibre wavy full lace wigs.

Can you image the dark color's number? Looks like #3 or #4, right? But in fact it's #2 color. It's an illusion and It's all related with the gray synthetic fibre.

Do you know the gray hair's percentage? Looks like about 40% or more, right? In fact, it's only 20% gray hair. Gray hair is very special color hair, especially when gray hair mixed dark color hair, the dark color may looks like more light and gray hair looks like more.

Hera tell you above details, we just hope you could do right decision when you custom dark color hair blend gray hair full lace wigs. Such as you like #3 or #4 brown color, when you blend gray hair, you may choose the darker color and reduce the gray hair's percentage. Just like what you see, 20% gray hair is very much, so maybe 15% or 10% gray hair is enough.

This custom wig is European virgin hair blend gray synthetic hair, we also can mix gray human hair also if you like.

We not only supply dark color hair blend gray hair full lace wigs, but also lace front wigs, men's toupees etc. And we also can custom two tone color full lace wigs, highlight color full lace wigs.

No matter you are personal buyer or hair salon owner, we welcome you contact us do custom full lace wigs.

Hair is only a part of people's life but hair is all of Hera.