Rainbow Widow Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

This synthetic lace front wigs is Hera 16 inches curly rainbown color widow hairline synthetic lace front wigs.

Rainbow color synthetic lace front wigs is a very beautiful synthetic lace front wigs for many occasions, especial for young ladies.

We pride to say: "Hera is the best synthetic lace front wigs manufacuter and wholesaler in China".

Wholesale synthetic lace front wigs

We not only can supply rainbow Korean synthetic fiber lace front wigs, but also supply Chinese synthetic fiber lace front wigs, Japanese synthetic fiber lace front wigs, such as Kanekalon synthetic fiber lace front wigs.

For more synthetic lace front wigs style, please kindly check Hera Synthetic Lace Front Wigs Catalog (The size is about 2.61M, so please be patient to download).

If you want to wholesale synthetic lace front wigs, please let's know your order details, which Hera synthetic lace front wigs wholesale MOQ is only 20pcs and you can mix differnt synthetic fibers, different color, different length and different texture.

Personal buy synthetic wigs

If you are interested, you can buy on online store http://www.herawigs.com directly with Paypal. And I have to tell you that for this stock synthetic lace front wigs, we only have one piece stock and after we sell that then we will stock another one. If when you place the order, the synthetic wig has been sold, you have to wait about 5 - 10 days to produce new wig, so if you like, please go ahead at once.

No matter you are synthetic lace front wigs wholesaler or personal buyer, you are welcome to contact Hera and we sell our synthetic lace front wigs worldwide.