Hair extensions are desirable in most cases but they can also be necessary at times. Fusion hair extensions are obviously effective at styling your hair and they do make your hair look longer and fuller, naturally. 

There are certain fusion hair extensions pros and cons that you would have to explore and be aware of before you take the plunge and make an investment. The problem with discussing or debating the fusion hair extensions pros and cons is that there are certain aspects which are purely subjective. While the factual data may indicate something, there are personal preferences that come in the way of how you would experience the hair extensions or the method. Also, there are many factors that contribute to the determining of whether the fusion hair extensions will be ideal for a person.

Cons of Fusion Hair Extensions

1. Fusion hair extensions are expensive. Depending on the quantity you need and where you get the installation done, you are looking at a thousand bucks of investment, if not more. You cannot do it yourself because you may end up damaging your natural hair and scalp. You would always need the expertise of a technician to get the extensions sealed and when you have to get them removed. This compels you to spend more money every time you need to attend to the extensions.

2. Fusion hair extensions take a long time to be applied. You are looking at three hours at the least and possibly more than four hours if the quantity of hair strands or wefts is substantial. This makes fusion hair extensions unviable if you need a quick fix. If you don’t have the time, then you would have to opt for some other forms of hair extensions.

3. Some stylists use glue guns to apply the fusion extensions. That doesn’t offer a pleasant experience. Not only is it time consuming but the whole process is pretty messy.

4. Some types of glues or adhesives may not be healthy for the hair or the scalp and there could be some considerable damage.

5. Fusion hair extensions may get damaged if you use a dryer regularly and at higher settings. You cannot use many types of oil based solutions. You may have to choose certain specific hair care products to ensure that the extensions don’t get damaged.

6. Fusion hair extensions don’t always last for six months. That is actually a rarity. In most cases, a few weeks are what one should expect. That puts to question the return on investment. Many factors influence how long the extensions would last, from the natural growth of your hair to tangling of the extensions.

Pros of Fusion Hair Extensions

1. No one can debate or dispute the popularity of fusion hair extensions. By almost every account and according to all the studies conducted, it is certain that fusion hair extensions are one of the most favored choices among all methods. It is also the most talked about method and owing to marketing campaigns, most people know about this method than others. In a way, the fusion hair extension industry is much better regulated and managed. This allows you to get technicians who are actually trained in the method and not just apprentices or aspirants who are trying their skills on your hair. There are many credible parlors where you can get an expert stylist specializing in fusion hair extensions. This helps you to be sure that you are not signing up with some juvenile service or putting the fate of your hair in the hands of an amateur.

2. Fusion hair extensions are very well concealed. There are two methods of application or techniques to install the hair extensions but regardless of the process of application, you can be certain that people will not figure out if you are wearing hair extensions. One of the primary reasons why fusion hair extensions are so popular is because of this fact. When the hair extensions are sealed or glued to your scalp, underneath the natural hair, they are completely concealed. The flow is natural and the styling also seems to be completely natural. You would not have to worry about people giving you a look as if they know what you have done and your hair doesn’t have to look unpleasant or unsightly, unnatural or weird.

3. Fusion hair extensions can last for a considerably long time. There are reports that infer the durability of the extensions to be up to six months. That is certainly a pleasant piece of news for anyone considering the expense of fusion hair extensions.

4. Fusion hair extensions do not have a long list of requirements when it comes to care and maintenance. There are some very simple steps you would have to take to care for them and to maintain them. There are many things that you have to avoid, all of which will be clearly explained to you by the hair stylist. You wouldn’t be kept in the dark at any point in time. A good thing about fusion hair extensions is that you can attend to your hair just as you would if you did not have the extensions. However, the bonding method and the quality of the hair extensions you choose will also play a role here. That is why it is important that your technician explains to you what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

5. Fusion hair extensions are completely safe. They don’t have any adverse impact on your scalp or your natural hair. There are two methods of application, the hot method and the cold fusion method. The hot method of application is the older and more conventional one. It uses glue or wax and the hair extensions are fused to the scalp or to the base of the natural hair using a fusion tool. The fusion tool is hot which is why the method is known as hot fusion. Cold fusion method is new and it uses sonic technology to fuse or seal the hair extensions at the base of your natural hair or on the scalp. Some people like the hot method and some people have hair that would qualify for the cold method. If you have fine hair or very silky hair then you would be better off with the cold method. The availability of two methods is certainly an advantage.

6. Fusion hair extensions can be installed in various ways. You can opt for individual strands to be installed or you may opt for full wefts. The choice is yours and obviously depending on the type of hair you have. The advice of the stylist or technician should be given the paramount significance in this regard. Using a method that is not ideal for you will produce poor results. But the advantage is that you can choose.

7. Fusion hair extensions offer natural results and thus they are good for occasional styling, they don’t look odd when you sport them in an office and you can even bank on them if you are an actor or if you have something elaborate to do with your hair.

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