Difference between Front Lace Wig with Full Lace Wig

A lace wig is one of the most realistic types of wigs because of the way it is constructed. These wigs consist of an invisible lace base onto which strands of either remy hair or human hair are tied to create a natural look. Before you buy your next wig, make sure you understand the difference between front lace wig with full lace wig so you can enjoy the look you want.

Lace Coverage

The primary difference between these two types of lace wigs is the way they are constructed. The front lace wig is made with lace that only wraps around the front of the head, back toward the ears. Anything beyond this area is made from a microfilament or other material to keep the costs lower. However, a full lace wig will feature lace under the entire wig to create a more natural look like your actual scalp.

The followed is Hera's regular lace front wig cap picture:

Hera lace front wigs cap picture

The followed is Hera's regular full lace wig cap picture:

Hera's full lace wig cap picture


Some people use wigs as a way to change their hairstyles on a frequent basis. If you enjoy some versatility in your styling options, the type of lace wig you buy can play a major role in your ability to style the hair any way you want. For instance, a full lace wig can be styled into any type of hairstyle you could create with your natural hair. However, a front lace wig cannot be styled in certain ways, such as a ponytail or bun, because the material underneath the hair will show through, making it obvious you are wearing a wig.

Hair Types

Regardless of which decision you make, you will need to choose whether you want your lace wig to be made from remy human hair or virgin remy human hair. A virgin remy hair wig is typically more expensive because it is unique. This type of wig is constructed from donor hair that is kept in the same position after removal from the contributor’s head, preserving the natural look of the hair. No chemicals are used. Human hair wigs are also created from donor hair, but this hair is separated and chemically treated so it is easier to style. It is often bleached before it is dyed to ensure the color is uniform throughout the wig.

Choosing the right kind of lace wig depends greatly on your intended purpose. A front lace wig is ideal if you don’t want to style your hair more than one way, while a full lace wig is required if you plan to wear your wig in many ways, particularly in an up-do. In either case, you must also decide whether you want to spend more for remy hair for a more natural look or if a treated human hair wig will provide the desired effect.

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