16 inches #3 Wavy European Hair Jewish Wigs

This beautiful wavy wigs is Hera 16 inches #3 150% hair density wavy European hair Jewish women wigs with 4"*4" silk top, which this wavy Jewish women wigs is totally custom Jewish women wigs because the customer choose Indian remy hair color chart's #3 color, do 150% hair density and have baby hair, which regular Jewish women wigs don't need baby hair.

Normally speaking, we only recommend customer choose the color from Jewish women wig's color chart for Jewish women wigs because Jewish women wigs mainly for Kosher women and there is fixed Jewish women wigs color chart.

The customer who tried our European hair Jewish women wigs all know that Hera's European hair Jewish women wigs are the best in the world so many of them choose Hera Jewish women wigs with the color from our other color charts. Of course, we could do the color which is not from our Jewish women wig's color chart but we have to point that this process's cost will be higher.

Our Jewish women wigs workmanship is first-class of world and we only pick up very good quality hair materials to make Jewish women wigs to make sure every Hera's Jewish women wigs is perfect. We put much attention on the Jewish women wigs updates and production, such as all Hera's Jewish women wigs not only used silk top and we also used Chinese silk for inner of wig cap, which could make sure the user feel comfortable (not itchy).

Hera not only supply regular Jewish women wigs, also supply band fall Jewish women wigs and we have developed better US-style Jewish women wigs.

Hera also can supply highlight color Jewish women wigs according to your special requirement.

Hera not only could do wavy European hair Jewish women wigs, we also can do curl texture and we can do different hair densitly according to your speical requirement.

Wholesale Jewish women wigs

If you are doing Jewish women wigs wholesale business, we welcome you wholesale Jewish women wigs from us, which our Jewish women wigs wholesale MOQ is only 5pcs start;

And we can do some change base on our regular Jewish women wigs workmanship according to your special market requirement.

Personal buy wavy Jewish wigs

If you are Jewish women wigs personal buyer, you are welcome to send the inquiry details to us then we can offer you directly. Custom Jewish women wigs could meet your special requirement very well.

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